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Wednesday, July 5, 2017
Dkp Changes
Rule Changes
1) Gina is required on all raids, if it is found out the raider is not using Gina and claims to be. Then dkp will be penalized, suspension of raiding will be enacted until user can prove he/she is using Gina.

3) If a member continues to fail emotes or not listen to raid instructions and goes rogue. Then they will either be suspended from raids, or forced to sit out where they will not accumulate dkp/raid percentage/ nor given the ability to bid for an amount of time, depending on the offense.

4) If a member afk’s during raids, or while on sitout then he/she will be removed from raids. And if he/she is on the current raid. Raid suspension may occur with loss of dkp.

Dkp changes
1) No longer will we go off 30 day. It will be a 25% over a lifetime, which will be reset every 3 months.
A) First reset = October 2018
B ) Second reset= January 2019
C) Third reset= April 2019
D) Fourth reset= July 2019
E) Repeat

2) If inactivity is over a month the character and the dkp will be erased, unless a reason is given to an officer before the disappearance. If so this will save your characters dkp, the raid percentage when back will be determined based upon reason.

3) Will be boosting dkp earned on events where we have not beaten it yet and are still learning. To promote attendance.

Loot Changes
1) Ornaments will be FFA, if you don’t need it then don’t loot it.

2) EoK Spells are FFA. Once the person doing loot call for it

3) (Distribution of loot may be changed based upon time constraints and raid loot, the changes will be minimal, but this may include tying items for a lower amount, if the items amount is no longer worth 100 dkp)

4) People that continue to box raids and go the extra mile for the raid force will be rewarded by the following loot changes
A) The user will be able to bid for their bot or their main. The same rules apply though, only one spell/ one allowed per LIVE person, no matter the character
B ) This will be determind upon the bots raid percentage, not the mains.
Example) If (Forgar) wants to bid for his bot (haramin) then the user will look at Haramin’s raid percentage. If it falls in line with the loot rules, then he will be allowed to bid for
the alt.
C) The dkp will be taken from the mains dkp, the bots characters dkp plays no relevance against these rules.
D) This doesn’t mean you can only play the bot for that raid, unless asked to. The main is still your main character. The main character needs to be present along with the bot
needs to be present, for these changes to apply.

5) Loot order goes as follows.
A) Above 25% lifetime raid percentage
B ) Then moves to below 25% lifetime raid percentage
C) Then goes to alts

6) Tying dkp will now being at 100 dkp.

7) Spells and Items will be bid simultaneously if leadership allows, meaning if there are two people to do loot for the night. How this will work is as follows:
A) Two channels will be setup and given out by the raid leader. One person will be doing items in one channel, while another person will be doing spells in another.
B ) This is to help improve the time on loot and to encourage more raid targets per night.
Recent Items Received
5/17/18 by Farinxxx for 200 points
5/16/18 by Rebelfury for 100 points
5/16/18 by Rebelfury for 40 points
5/16/18 by Kertis for 1 points
5/16/18 by Toomanynotes for 1 points
5/15/18 by Tinkeringmule for 1200 points
5/15/18 by Ravenflow for 1200 points
5/15/18 by Toastie for 1000 points
5/15/18 by Voncia for 1000 points
5/15/18 by Nemesiz for 500 points
5/15/18 by Lanma for 400 points
5/15/18 by Singings for 400 points
5/15/18 by Arcuslatro for 350 points
5/15/18 by Rohoe for 300 points
5/15/18 by Faienn for 300 points
5/15/18 by Alithecat for 200 points
5/15/18 by Couladin for 200 points
5/15/18 by Singings for 200 points
5/15/18 by Tuadil for 150 points
5/15/18 by Kshinn for 100 points